Who Is ‘Trident Net’?

We are car and lifestyle enthusiasts. Although we are primarily Maserati lovers, we often include posts about lifestyle in our repertoire. We always keep it fresh!

Trident Net is an association of car lovers sharing industry news and experiences. We often invite guest bloggers that are well versed in the luxury car lifestyle.

One of our main blog contributors is our friend, Brock. This driver of 25 years has written, filmed and photographed many of his luxury car exploits around the nation. Brock currently lives in North Carolina with his two boys, two cats and one love for Maserati’s.

Our go-to wordsmith is our friend Shari. Shari was brought onto our team for her love of words and drift racing. Although she hasn’t drifted a ‘Rati, she does love the idea of it. Shari contributes her knowledge and love for cars as well as her deep appreciation for her German Shepherds.

 And our main editor and guru is our friend James. James is the man behind the curtain. He is the Oz of the car world. He loves writing, digital marketing, family and fast (and we mean faaaaasssssttttt) cars. He currently has one Z and one Boxster sitting in his garage in Clayton, NC.

Overall, our team is made up of interesting and interested people. We have enjoyed our time driving fast and living faster. We are here to bring our online audience on the smoothest, fastest and (semi) safest drag race of all time. Keep our website bookmarked and come back every week for new posts. We want you to be part of our team, so stay tuned!