Maserati Alfieri Latest Design

Fans of Maserati cars may have to wait until the lineup is refreshed with updates of its older designs in order to see what the Alfieri comes out as after its repeated delays. Though some fear redesigns that often accompany such stalls in the production process, it seems as though Maserati plans on keeping its current design in order to remember the earliest fallen Maserati brother. Even in the case that the design changes, many are confident that whatever end up behind the trademark trident will be a sight to behold.

The Alfieri is intended to be a tribute to one of the founding brothers of the company by the same name. As the car was unveiled at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, the company thought it fitting to inaugurate its newest concept car with a tribute to a founding member on its centennial. As well as through its name, the car bears the signature of the founder on the rear, in Alfieri’s favorite color, blue. The car manufacturer sought to honor the founding brother who was one of the chief instruments in starting the company, yet suffered an untimely death before either of the two other Maserati brothers.

The stunning concept car originally slated for a 2016 release has been delayed time and time again, and is now – hopefully – gracing roadways in 2020. This news is arriving on the tail of assurances that delay rumors pushing back the new design further from 2018 were not to be believed. Possible explanations abound, the company has reportedly focused on phasing out older models of more common designs before branding the trident on a new luxury grand tourer.

Check back tomorrow here for the latest and greatest news for Maserati’s.

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