Maserati Alfieri: The Pillar of Luxury Sport Cars

The Maserati Alfieri is a sports car by design and it is also intended to fit the classical definition of a grand tourer: powerful and able to evoke a thrill, but also convey a luxurious experience onto the passenger. With that in mind, it is a 2+2 car; for those inexperienced with the standard terms of the industry, this combines the racecar feel of the classic two seats, two doors design with the practicality of two additional smaller seats in the rear, for children, additional passengers, or simply the odd bit of luggage. The classic trident emblazoned on the front and the elegant signature on the back, however, betray the car’s true origins as one of the pillars of luxury sports car manufacturing. When considering a car of this caliber it is very important to consult with an insurance lawyer to ensure that your rates will not be exuberant. Often times speaking to an insurance lawyer before going to get a quote can put you in a better position to have a lower rate. Check out Ligman & Moskowitz at the link above.

Though the luxury car has been delayed, excitement for its eventual release springs eternal among fans of the brand and even automobile enthusiasts in general. Following in the Italian school of thought regarding the design of sports cars, the designers of the Maserati Alfieri sought to create a car that looks lighter than its construction would suggest, with smooth lines wrapped around the car’s exterior and the emphasis on a clean and bare aesthetic. Even the interior is meant to evoke a sense of simplistic beauty, as some components (notably the clock as well as the gear lever) are simply crafted from solid aluminum blocks.

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