How Did We Become Us?

We receive a lot of questions on how Trident-Net became…well, Trident-Net. We are a full-service car expert shop that takes pride in its passion for fast cars and faster service. We truly love that we can reach out to individuals who have a strong love for cars. We have been writing content, blog posts, and videos on what makes us the car experts. We have a team of experienced professionals in all walks of life putting their dreams to paper (and film). Our fearless leader and organizer of Trident-Net, Richard is an expert Plumber in Deerfield Beach by day, and drag racer by night. He’s our true Batman.

Our other members consist of accountants, lawyers, and car salesmen. We are an eclectic group of non-conformers and sport car addicts. We have always stood out and will continue to reach our goals in this blog space. Our question to you is: what fuels you? What makes you spin your wheels? How much exhaust power does it fuel you with? Do you want to learn more? And most importantly, are you prepared to go to any length?

We keep it simple but pure. Do what you love and what you love will become what you do. This company started as an idea that sparked a passion. We dedicate our waking (and sleep) hours to this mode of communication. Trust us when we say we know where you have been and we can take you further than you’ve ever dreamed. This is what makes us-us.



The New Look

Maserati Alfieri New Design
Maserati Alfieri New Design

Though the Maserati Alfieri seems to have been shelved for the time being by Maserati in favor of their more widely appealing and marketable Levante (and possibly other types of SUVs), it still draws intense attention from car enthusiasts of all types, and for good reason. It looks to be a high-powered, finely designed car that seeks to break away from the current high-performance auto industry’s aesthetic, especially that of German manufacturers. The current CEO of Maserati has even been quoted as stating that the traditional designs of German automakers are “boring”, so it’s safe to say that Maserati as a company wants to inject new life into the industry, and nowhere is that more apparent than the Alfieri.

To start with, the Maserati Alfieri has a significantly cut away rear along with a grille that is designed and built to appear as if it floats above the ground. This is a conscious choice on the part of the designers of the car, again contrasting with the norm for German cars. To put it simply, where German carmakers typically don’t care if their cars look heavier (or aim for the heavy, muscle-car look that many car aficionados seek out), Italian design philosophy focuses on making cars that appear lighter than they are. Playing around with the shape of the car in order to make it look and feel more “athletic” than “muscular” was reportedly a major factor in the making of the Alfieri.

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Maserati Alfieri: The Pillar of Luxury Sport Cars

The Maserati Alfieri is a sports car by design and it is also intended to fit the classical definition of a grand tourer: powerful and able to evoke a thrill, but also convey a luxurious experience onto the passenger. With that in mind, it is a 2+2 car; for those inexperienced with the standard terms of the industry, this combines the racecar feel of the classic two seats, two doors design with the practicality of two additional smaller seats in the rear, for children, additional passengers, or simply the odd bit of luggage. The classic trident emblazoned on the front and the elegant signature on the back, however, betray the car’s true origins as one of the pillars of luxury sports car manufacturing. When considering a car of this caliber it is very important to consult with an insurance lawyer to ensure that your rates will not be exuberant. Often times speaking to an insurance lawyer before going to get a quote can put you in a better position to have a lower rate. Check out Ligman & Moskowitz at the link above.

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Maserati Alfieri Latest Design

Fans of Maserati cars may have to wait until the lineup is refreshed with updates of its older designs in order to see what the Alfieri comes out as after its repeated delays. Though some fear redesigns that often accompany such stalls in the production process, it seems as though Maserati plans on keeping its current design in order to remember the earliest fallen Maserati brother. Even in the case that the design changes, many are confident that whatever end up behind the trademark trident will be a sight to behold.

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