Are Maserati Cars Reliable?

Maserati Cars are one of the most luxurious cars across the globe. With its logo as Neptune’s trident, you’d be sure to expect more from this Italian-based vehicle manufacturer.

 It was founded in 1914. In 2014, sales hit a record for the company with over 3,000 sold cars. With that being said, Maserati manufacturers are capping their output to 75,000 cars globally.

Even if Maserati cars are armed with its Italian style, bespoke design, and high-performance output, there is still this one thing that plagues Maserati – its reliability and dependability.

How Reliable Are Maserati Cars?

To address the elephant in the room – not so much. The brand overall had a reliability index of 697. Keep in mind that the lower the reliability index, the more reliable is the brand or model. Not only did Maserati have the last place when it comes to reliability and dependability of luxury cars, but it also garnered a 100 points difference with Bentley, who has a reliability index of 529.

Maserati Gran Tourism vs. Maserati Ghibli


Here we present two of the most well sought after Maserati models. The Maserati Gran Tourism has a fairly better reliability index as compared to the brand overall. As for the Maserati Ghibli, there has been a mixed response when it comes to its reliability and dependability.

Others who have experienced issues with the Maserati Ghibli include trouble with the battery draining, brakes, and clutch. As for those who did not experience any of these issues, they have given a five-star rating for the Ghibli.

Why Are Maserati Cars Unreliable?

Even with the bespoke design, high-performance output, and luxurious engineering, you’d think that reliability and dependability wouldn’t be an issue. To be fair, luxury cars tend to easily wear down because it is not made for daily use.

One of the reasons why the Maserati cars scored low on its reliability test is because if it broke down, the cost of repair is extremely expensive. It also takes a longer time to repair the car because the parts are considered as rare; thus, making it hard to find replacements.

When it comes to bespoke engineering, reliability isn’t always the case. If you compare the bespoke engineering used in Maserati cars, you will find out that it is outdated as compared to the newer manufacturing techniques of today’s models.

Again, Maserati cars aren’t your everyday cars. Luxury cars aren’t designed to be constantly in use because they wear down quickly and easily, not to mention, its repair cost could hurt your bank account.

What Are the Common Problems Encountered?

If you’re still determined to buy a Maserati car, here’s what you need to know about the possible issues that may arise:

  • Brakes

The issue doesn’t necessarily fall on the brakes but on the regularity of fluid replacement. If the fluid is not changed regularly, it can get a bit wooden.

  • Clutch

Most Quattro Porte owners claimed that they have only reached about 12,000 miles before having to replace their clutch.

  • Stone Chips

Maserati cars are quite low on the ground resulting from stone chips on wheel arches. Always check the wheel arches, especially before buying a used Maserati.

To be honest, if you get to compare Maserati with other luxury cars, reliability and dependability is always an issue. This allows us to go back to the reality that luxury cars aren’t for constant use. Ultimately, when you buy a Maserati, it’s not because you’re looking for an everyday car, it’s generally because of aesthetics and the luxurious feeling you get.


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