Maserati’s Newest Grand Tourer – Out Soon!

Though Maserati’s new grand tourer, the Maserati Alfieri, has been delayed yet again, Maserati fans can take heart knowing that the brand is still going strong and for sure will not be on the fence. Maserati recently made a groundbreaking change in their business philosophy by branding a new type of car with their trademark trident: an SUV. The Maserati Levante brings Maserati’s style and elegance to the sport utility vehicle sector while pairing it with a powerful V6 Ferrari engine that longtime fans of their high performance sports cars will be very familiar with.

On the heels of recent plunges into the SUV market such as the Jaguar F-Pace, Maserati has put their entry into production, and the new luxury, high-powered SUV has hit the market. While the price point of the Levante may be slightly daunting – upwards of 70 thousand dollars (and that’s forgoing the additional features that one can opt for) – consumers who are well-acquainted with the brand may be less surprised, as this is comparably low for a car possessing the Maserati trident on the grille. This is good news for Maserati as well as its customers, since the company has often struggled with balancing its luxury status and philosophy with making the sales necessary to stay afloat. Though more thrill-focused cars are continually being developed, this luxury SUV should help Maserati with winning over more mainstream consumers in order to stay relevant and profitable in its industry.

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