How Did We Become Us?

We receive a lot of questions on how Trident-Net became…well, Trident-Net. We are a full-service car expert shop that takes pride in its passion for fast cars and faster service. We truly love that we can reach out to individuals who have a strong love for cars. We have been writing content, blog posts, and videos on what makes us the car experts. We have a team of experienced professionals in all walks of life putting their dreams to paper (and film). Our fearless leader and organizer of Trident-Net, Richard is an expert Plumber in Deerfield Beach by day, and drag racer by night. He’s our true Batman.

Our other members consist of accountants, lawyers, and car salesmen. We are an eclectic group of non-conformers and sport car addicts. We have always stood out and will continue to reach our goals in this blog space. Our question to you is: what fuels you? What makes you spin your wheels? How much exhaust power does it fuel you with? Do you want to learn more? And most importantly, are you prepared to go to any length?

We keep it simple but pure. Do what you love and what you love will become what you do. This company started as an idea that sparked a passion. We dedicate our waking (and sleep) hours to this mode of communication. Trust us when we say we know where you have been and we can take you further than you’ve ever dreamed. This is what makes us-us.