The Levante!

Of course, merely manufacturing an SUV is not strictly noteworthy; car enthusiasts are no doubt curious on what exactly sets Maserati’s SUV apart from the pack. The Levante boasts an impressive Ferrari-made engine to power its frame, a V6 capable of producing 345 horsepower. If this wasn’t enough for its average customer, Maserati also offers a model with an engine capable of producing 424 horsepower, with sources suggesting a 2018 model will incorporate a V8 engine. In addition to a powerful engine, the Levante utilizes a sophisticated suspension system that reportedly renders driving on even the roughest of roads into something barely noticed.  Altogether the performance of this SUV appears to live up to the standards of Maserati and high-end Italian craftsmanship in general. 

Of course, when considering a Maserati, the design of the car, as well as its performance, come into play. The Levante adheres quite well to Maserati’s philosophy of smooth lines and rounded edges to give the car a softer, lighter look than many contemporary high-performance vehicles. As always, the Maserati trident graces the front grille of the vehicle, here surrounded in chrome. Though the edges come together in the back in a somewhat unfavorable angle, it is nearly unnoticeable. The Levante also offers an enormous amount of room or both passengers and cargo in order to satisfy that core qualification of an SUV.

Maserati Levante the new SUV
Maserati Levante

Though its previously premier concept car has been delayed yet again, Maserati has finally put into production an SUV which could help it stay afloat both fiscally and in the general consumer’s mind. Offering luxury and power to a staple of the industry, the Levante promises thrill and utility in one package and delivers.

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