Why Should You Buy A Used Maserati?

It’s not entirely insane to think that owning a used Maserati is a good idea. First and foremost, a used Maserati car is still a Maserati. You’ll still be driving around town in one of the most luxurious cars across the globe.

While some may consider a used Maserati as outdated, others will say owning an “outdated” car can be a perk. If you think about it, buying a used Maserati is a financial opportunity because not much has changed regarding design and comfort, especially when we are talking about Maserati cars.

In this article, we’ll go through some of the reasons why a used Maserati is still considered as a smart investment in terms of high-performing vehicles.

  1. Depreciation

Depreciation is typically viewed as something bad; however, there is a sense of appreciation when it comes to depreciation because of its effect on the product’s price. The price difference between a brand new Maserati and a used one is astronomical. A vehicle would normally lose the largest percentage of its value during the first to third year of its life.

When it comes to luxurious vehicles such as Maserati, the first three years is even more detrimental. This is the best way to score great deals – through depreciation.

2. Price

Imagine seeing a 2013 Maserati for about half the price of the newest Maserati. You’d be crazy not to take it. Thanks to depreciation, you get to save about 50 grand of the 2013 Maserati. Plus, it’s only a few years old and is in perfect condition.

Another point of consideration when buying used Maserati cars are the options. When you opt to buy a new car, it comes with additional costs, especially when it comes to the luxury performance market. Buy a 2013 Maserati, and there is a high chance that you’d get additional packages; whereas, buying the latest model of Maserati cars entails buying it in a blank slate with no extra goodies.

3. It is still a Maserati!

Again, whether or not it is the latest model, it is still a Maserati! A 2013 Maserati car can still provide you the same luxurious and prestige feeling that the latest Maserati model can bring. It will still feature the same leather seats, the same feel on the steering wheel, and the same type of sunroof.

The truth is there is only so much that Maserati manufacturers can do in a few years. Maybe the latest Maserati model will have premium leather seats instead of superior leather, but then again, can you really tell the difference between the two?

The new and the used models of Maserati would more or less still have an amazing performance level. With today’s technological advancement, cars today are made to last for a long time. The only thing you should be worried about is the wear and tear of the old Maserati model; however, because the previous owner spent a lot of money on it, there is a high chance that it would still be in good shape!


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Maserati Ghibli Review

Being an Avid Maserati fan for quite some time now, finally getting to really test drive one has been an absolutely amazing experience for me. I decided to rent a Maserati Ghibli for a week because I have been itching to buy one, and I did not want to spring on buying one before I drove the actual vehicle for more than just a few blocks with a salesperson in the vehicle with me. Let me tell you my verdict: I WILL be buying! the drive was so smooth! Handling is up there but not perfect, but overall my love of the product exceeds everything else.

Currently, I have a 2017 BMW 328 i sedan. I have been in love with this car since I got it in the middle of 2016, but it still just does not compare to the Maserati (I think this is due to me being Biased lol?) Here is a stock picture I found:


Gorgeous car and I truly love it! But there is just something I love about the Maserati Poseidon logo!

Maserati Handling v.s. BMW: Even though I an thoroughly in love with the Maserati, I felt the handling was lacking. My BMW handling was far superior, and was able to grip a fast turn much better than the Maserati. I could feel some slight lag going around a fast turn in the Maserati, that I do not feel in my beamer.

Power: In the power aspect the clear winner for me was the Maserati. Now, this is clear because the beamer is only pushing a 4 cylinder engine with an inline turbo, while the Maserati is pushing an 8 cylinder turbo. The difference is quite a bit of pick up and go speed for when you are ready to go fast!

Interior: Although my BMW interior is absolutely beautiful, the fine elegance of and craftsmanship of the Maserati is not something to play around with.

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The Levante!

Of course, merely manufacturing an SUV is not strictly noteworthy; car enthusiasts are no doubt curious on what exactly sets Maserati’s SUV apart from the pack. The Levante boasts an impressive Ferrari-made engine to power its frame, a V6 capable of producing 345 horsepower. If this wasn’t enough for its average customer, Maserati also offers a model with an engine capable of producing 424 horsepower, with sources suggesting a 2018 model will incorporate a V8 engine. In addition to a powerful engine, the Levante utilizes a sophisticated suspension system that reportedly renders driving on even the roughest of roads into something barely noticed.  Altogether the performance of this SUV appears to live up to the standards of Maserati and high-end Italian craftsmanship in general. 

Of course, when considering a Maserati, the design of the car, as well as its performance, come into play. The Levante adheres quite well to Maserati’s philosophy of smooth lines and rounded edges to give the car a softer, lighter look than many contemporary high-performance vehicles. As always, the Maserati trident graces the front grille of the vehicle, here surrounded in chrome. Though the edges come together in the back in a somewhat unfavorable angle, it is nearly unnoticeable. The Levante also offers an enormous amount of room or both passengers and cargo in order to satisfy that core qualification of an SUV.

Maserati Levante the new SUV
Maserati Levante

Though its previously premier concept car has been delayed yet again, Maserati has finally put into production an SUV which could help it stay afloat both fiscally and in the general consumer’s mind. Offering luxury and power to a staple of the industry, the Levante promises thrill and utility in one package and delivers.

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Maserati’s Newest Grand Tourer – Out Soon!

Though Maserati’s new grand tourer, the Maserati Alfieri, has been delayed yet again, Maserati fans can take heart knowing that the brand is still going strong and for sure will not be on the fence. Maserati recently made a groundbreaking change in their business philosophy by branding a new type of car with their trademark trident: an SUV. The Maserati Levante brings Maserati’s style and elegance to the sport utility vehicle sector while pairing it with a powerful V6 Ferrari engine that longtime fans of their high performance sports cars will be very familiar with.

On the heels of recent plunges into the SUV market such as the Jaguar F-Pace, Maserati has put their entry into production, and the new luxury, high-powered SUV has hit the market. While the price point of the Levante may be slightly daunting – upwards of 70 thousand dollars (and that’s forgoing the additional features that one can opt for) – consumers who are well-acquainted with the brand may be less surprised, as this is comparably low for a car possessing the Maserati trident on the grille. This is good news for Maserati as well as its customers, since the company has often struggled with balancing its luxury status and philosophy with making the sales necessary to stay afloat. Though more thrill-focused cars are continually being developed, this luxury SUV should help Maserati with winning over more mainstream consumers in order to stay relevant and profitable in its industry.

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The New Look

Maserati Alfieri New Design
Maserati Alfieri New Design

Though the Maserati Alfieri seems to have been shelved for the time being by Maserati in favor of their more widely appealing and marketable Levante (and possibly other types of SUVs), it still draws intense attention from car enthusiasts of all types, and for good reason. It looks to be a high-powered, finely designed car that seeks to break away from the current high-performance auto industry’s aesthetic, especially that of German manufacturers. The current CEO of Maserati has even been quoted as stating that the traditional designs of German automakers are “boring”, so it’s safe to say that Maserati as a company wants to inject new life into the industry, and nowhere is that more apparent than the Alfieri.

To start with, the Maserati Alfieri has a significantly cut away rear along with a grille that is designed and built to appear as if it floats above the ground. This is a conscious choice on the part of the designers of the car, again contrasting with the norm for German cars. To put it simply, where German carmakers typically don’t care if their cars look heavier (or aim for the heavy, muscle-car look that many car aficionados seek out), Italian design philosophy focuses on making cars that appear lighter than they are. Playing around with the shape of the car in order to make it look and feel more “athletic” than “muscular” was reportedly a major factor in the making of the Alfieri.

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Welcome to our very own Maserati Alfieri blog! Here you will find the latest news and information about the Maserati vehicle. We have always been lovers of fancy cars, but this car is like no other! We have done years worth of research and a lifetime’s worth of passion has gone into every blog post. Due to our extended research, we have been fortunate enough to test drive the Maserati Alfieri by the makers themselves!

Stay tuned for more information on this luxury car and we are sure you will become just as fanatic as we are! Our first blog post is found here. Read on!

Maserati Alfieri: The Pillar of Luxury Sport Cars

The Maserati Alfieri is a sports car by design and it is also intended to fit the classical definition of a grand tourer: powerful and able to evoke a thrill, but also convey a luxurious experience onto the passenger. With that in mind, it is a 2+2 car; for those inexperienced with the standard terms of the industry, this combines the racecar feel of the classic two seats, two doors design with the practicality of two additional smaller seats in the rear, for children, additional passengers, or simply the odd bit of luggage. The classic trident emblazoned on the front and the elegant signature on the back, however, betray the car’s true origins as one of the pillars of luxury sports car manufacturing. When considering a car of this caliber it is very important to consult with an insurance lawyer to ensure that your rates will not be exuberant. Often times speaking to an insurance lawyer before going to get a quote can put you in a better position to have a lower rate. Check out Ligman & Moskowitz at the link above.

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Maserati Alfieri Latest Design

Fans of Maserati cars may have to wait until the lineup is refreshed with updates of its older designs in order to see what the Alfieri comes out as after its repeated delays. Though some fear redesigns that often accompany such stalls in the production process, it seems as though Maserati plans on keeping its current design in order to remember the earliest fallen Maserati brother. Even in the case that the design changes, many are confident that whatever end up behind the trademark trident will be a sight to behold.

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